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Do you practice fasting? Help yourself to the best multimineral, detox and electrolyte supplement on the planet.

Do you practice fasting? Help yourself to the best multimineral, detox and electrolyte supplement on the planet.

Fasting has become an essential practice for all those who want to obtain an optimal state of health. At present there are different types of fasting that can last from a few hours (Intermittent Fasting) to days or even weeks (Prolonged Fasting), in which no food is consumed and in some cases liquids, which is known as Dry fast. Dry).

It is common today with the modern diet to eat processed or chemically treated foods that are poor in minerals and vitamins due to agricultural industrialization and the consequent demineralization of the land.

Experts in the field such as Dr. Jason Fung , as well as those who use this ancient health tool in their daily lives, recommend correct mineralization before, during, and after fasting processes for several reasons that we will describe below:

  • According to reports, it is important to start these processes with correct mineralization since the body's response to being demineralized is to tend to want to eat food and create a feeling of hunger, when in reality it is a search for minerals for the proper functioning of the processes. body chemicals.
  • In intermittent fasting and/or prolonged fasting due to the exclusive consumption of water in large quantities during fasting periods, there is a loss of minerals and vitamins along with a process of detoxification of the organism. It should be noted that this loss does not generally pose a challenge to health for short periods of time, but it can cause discomfort, dizziness and headaches. The fact that this reduction is significant enough to affect your health depends on the time of treatment. fasting and whether you had a vitamin or mineral deficiency before you started.

Taking this information into account, it is important to remember that fasting is not an exact science and that each person has different reasons why they proceed to use this ancestral health tool, so at the end of this blog we will clarify some guidelines to take into account for different types of fasting.

It is very common for people who fast or intend to often ask us if nutritional supplements break the fast (Especially from those people who seek the benefits of a state of Ketosis). According to the information collected, the vast majority of experts in the field affirm that this is not the case, but if the moment in which they are taken and their content must be taken into account, it is important for those who intend to enter a state of ketosis that These mineral and electrolyte supplements do not contain sugars, carbohydrates and nutrients of a similar nature as in the case of fulvic minerals, an organic multimineral that is fully bioavailable and soluble in water without sugars, flavors or calories, so they can be considered as Keto minerals or supplements. of electrolytes and minerals for a ketogenic diet.

However, it is not a multimineral like the one that can be purchased in a health food store and that contains only 20 minerals that generally come from synthetic origin and that a large percentage are not absorbed by our body, but rather It is a multimineral of extremely small molecular size that contains each and every one of the mineral trace elements, that is, at least 75 trace minerals, in addition to all the phytochemicals present in this mineral elixir.

Alcalina® fulvic acid plays a very important role since it is the essential supplement for people who are fasting, since being an organic bioavailable active solution it is almost 100% absorbed by our body.

Our favorite "Hack" to supplement your fast and speed up the autophagy process is to supplement while fasting with digestive enzymes and fulvic acid on an empty stomach. If you want to know more about how you can benefit from enzymes like Nutrizyme to help you get the most out of your fasts and cellular rejuvenation processes, you can watch this video by Dave Asprey CEO of Bulletproof Coffee.

Enzymes are the basis of such important processes as autophagy, lipophagy, processes that take place in the mitochondria and that are in charge of what we colloquially know as "burning fat." If you want to accelerate the natural process of burning fat in your fasts, you can include 4 to 6 Nutrizyme capsules on empty stomach periods in combination with fulvic minerals to increase the absorption potential and results of both intermittent and prolonged fasting. .


Another of the benefits that we can obtain by consuming Alcalina® fulvic acid while fasting, is that it is the best natural detox that exists today and not only eliminates toxins from our body, but is also capable of transforming free radicals in beneficial substances for the body, that is to say, combat aging at the cellular level and promote such important mitochondrial processes autophagy (elimination of dead cells) and lipophagy (process of management and elimination of fats/lipids/triglycerides in the body) which have been described in numerous studies as crucial for optimal health, delaying aging and general well-being.


If you are in peak health, what you will most likely need to replenish during a fast will not be vitamins, but electrolytes, substances the body needs to regulate and maintain a number of key bodily functions, and which are depleted through activity. physical and fasting. Fulvic acid is considered the best natural electrolyte known to man.


If you decide to fast for long periods of time, it is likely and recommended that you use a greater amount of Alkaline than you normally would, but most importantly, pay attention to how you feel and be sure to seek professional advice if in doubt. about the fasting process that is right for you.

In general, in adults who have already consumed Alkaline for at least a month on a daily basis, it is possible to adjust the doses to assist the detoxification process during fasting. It is common, although it depends a lot on the levels of toxicity in the body, a little discomfort, liquidity in the stool and headache the first 1-2 days when the dose is increased due to the release of toxins that the fulvic acids are trapping and eliminating. Natural way.

  • Adult normal dose : 8-10 drops daily
  • Adult detox dose: 15 - 20 drops daily
  • Adult deep detox dose: 20 - 30 drops daily (Max. 2 weeks)

It is extremely important to listen to the body, create space for complete rest and face the fasting and detoxification processes with the respect they deserve.

Some types of fasting with fulvic minerals according to their functionality:

  • Intermittent Fasting: Benefits for those looking to reduce fat and lose weight without diets. There are many modalities within the AI ​​in which the fasting hours vary from 12 to 22 hours of fasting. In this case of fasting, it is allowed to drink tea, coffee, water and minerals without calories such as Alkaline as they will help us keep hunger at bay by providing us with a mineral balance, energy and mental clarity by enhancing the ketosis processes in the body, so well known for its health benefits.
  • Fasting for the Nervous System ( 1* ) : Prolonged water fasting of more than 48 hours has been shown in studies to be beneficial for the recovery of the normal function of the nervous system according to studies. From our experience, it is very important to remember that if you want to deepen your fasts and give your nervous system a rest and "reset" your body, it is important that you take a break from stimulants such as coffee, tea and others, as well as include relaxation and meditation practices. . In this case, fulvic acids as a fasting supplement not only play a nutritional role by providing minerals, but as shown by the studies that you can find in our Ebook , it acts as a powerful cell regenerator of the nervous system, supporting the neurogenesis process and favoring new neuronal connections. .
  • Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying fasting: One study found that fasting for more than 24 hours decreased inflammation by reducing oxidative stress on cells. Another study found that both intermittent fasting and alternate-day fasting were effective in reducing insulin resistance, which is the precursor to type 2 diabetes (an inflammatory disease). It is possible to find studies with similar results in relation to the anti-inflammatory potential of fulvic acids when it comes to reducing inflammation, the symptoms, helping to eliminate the root cause of inflammation related to toxicity in the body, so combining fulvic acids with fasting it has proven to be a great natural anti-inflammatory ally for those who have reported its use in combination.

For more information on how to use the properties of Alkaline in fasting processes, do not hesitate to contact us here.

Alcalina® is the most powerful bio-active fulvic mineral solution on the market. More quantity does not ensure better quality. Our research and development team has managed to find the exact extraction formula and thus naturally obtain such a high concentration that it surpasses any other similar product by at least 30% more purity. Get all the benefits of one of the richest and only sources of fulvic acid on this planet.

Not all fulvic acid supplements are created equal and do not come from the same source, be careful with metallic or clay mineral products as they can leave toxic mineral deposits in tissues.

All our batches go through rigorous quality control, so we ensure the highest quality, concentration and purity. All our products are produced packaged in certified laboratories ISOGMP.

For detailed information about our product, we have our YouTube channel where you will find informative videos where we explain everything you need to know about fulvic acid and its benefits. You can also download our dossier where you can find useful information on tips for use and recommended doses.

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