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Fluoride-free toothpastes; There are natural alternatives

Fluoride-free toothpastes; There are natural alternatives

Ever since fluoride was introduced into public water supplies there has been an ongoing debate as to whether fluoride is really safe as a water additive or as a dental health product.

On the one hand, many public health organizations hail fluoride as a near-miracle for dental health and insist there are no questions or evidence to the contrary at all.

Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple.

The controversy over fluoride in water has been the main point of contention for antifluoride drugs for the past few decades, ever since it was widely introduced in the 1960s.

But a growing body of research has found that dental fluoride has the ability to cause long-lasting negative health effects on various body systems.

What is fluoride?

"Fluoride" refers to any compound that contains a fluorine ion. With the chemical symbol "F" and atomic number 9, fluorine is one of the well-recognized elements on the periodic table. As a pure gas, fluorine is "the most reactive and electronegative of all the elements." It has extremely harmful effects on any living organism with which it comes into contact.

How does fluoride affect the body?

Next, we are going to discuss the main dangers of fluoride, but first let me give you a little background on what fluoride is known to do once it enters the body.

When ingested, fluoride crosses the blood-brain barrier, meant to protect the brain and nervous system from damage by foreign invaders, and can pass through the placenta into the body of an unborn baby.

Fluoride bioaccumulates, which means that not all of it is metabolized and/or excreted by your body's natural elimination of waste. About 50 percent of the fluoride ingested through water or other food sources is excreted in the urine, while the other half tends to accumulate in calcified areas of the body, such as bones and teeth.

In addition to bones and teeth, fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland, a hormone gland responsible for the secretion of melatonin to manage circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. A study to determine the concentration of fluoride in the pineal gland found that when the adults in the study had died in old age, the ratio of calcium to fluoride in that gland was actually higher than in bone. This suggests that fluoride plays a role in the calcification of this gland, which would lead to poor melatonin production over time.

Fluoride also inhibits various enzymes throughout the body responsible for the normal processes of your metabolic energy systems.

Is fluoride good for dental health?

Fluoride is a part of the process by which teeth demineralize and remineralize each day. When you eat and drink certain foods, mineral from your teeth is washed out in small amounts, and using topical fluoride helps remineralize and calcify teeth, making them stronger and less susceptible to decay.

Since many families depend on tap water for the most cost-effective method of drinking water, fluoride was introduced into public water supplies to prevent cavities in children who do not have good access to regular dental care.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Arvid Carlsson of Sweden has publicly stated that it is possible and even likely that fluoride can benefit teeth when applied topically, but that it goes "against modern pharmacology" to think that there is anything beneficial in it. ingesting the substance, particularly as the disparity in the amount consumed by a single person is very large.

However, the UK Department of Health continues to conclude that fluoridation of water, milk and salt is the best and safest way to prevent tooth decay.

Is fluoride bad for you?

Fluoride is an unnecessary chemical that should not be in public water supplies or in any product that can be ingested in large amounts, and that has the potential to harm the body.

Many experts have been concerned about the bioaccumulation of fluoride due to the overwhelming availability of fluoride in dental products, food, beverages, and water.

Due to the dangers of fluoride toxicity, the FDA began requiring that all fluoride toothpastes manufactured after April 1997 include a warning to contact the nearest poison control center if swallowed. toothpaste, as this “substance” can cause adverse effects. (47) Remember that toothpaste contains about 1,000 times more fluoride by volume than fluoridated water.

Whatever the source, ingesting large amounts of fluoride is not good for you. Although it may offer some teeth-strengthening benefits when used topically, the benefits outweigh the very serious costs in the long run.

It should be remembered that drugs like Prozac carry large amounts of fluoride.

Dental Products to Avoid With Fluoride

  • fluoride toothpaste
  • fluoride mouthwash
  • Fluoride gels (self-applied)
  • Fluoride gels (professionally applied)
  • fluoride varnishes
  • Fluoride supplements (usually prescribed for children in areas with non-fluoridated water)

What are the greatest dangers when we ingest Fluoride?

  • May cause damage to the brain and central nervous system
  • It has been associated with a moderate risk of cancer.
  • May increase risk of broken bones
  • Associated with hypothyroidism

How to detoxify your body from fluoride

The best way to protect yourself starts by staying informed. For example, do you know if fluoride is used in municipal water in your community or locality?

Once you know that you are exposed to fluoride in your tap water, and how much, what steps can you take to detoxify your body?

Eat Alkaline Food: An alkaline diet, designed to balance your body's internal pH, is one of your best lines of defense in detoxifying fluoride. While you excrete 50 percent, on average, of the fluoride you ingest, you can increase that percentage by maintaining an alkaline environment. Alkaline diets rely heavily on plant protein and raw fruits and vegetables to help rid the body of harmful substances.

Alkaline- Fulvic Acid: Fulvic acid is one of the few 100% natural substances that will help you decalcify your fluoride glands and also help your body to begin the process of cell regeneration.

Increase your selenium intake: Foods rich in selenium are also good for your thyroid, your heart, and may reduce your risk of cancer, so incorporating those foods definitely isn't going to hurt. Exercise: That's right, one of the benefits of exercise can be fluoride detoxification. A 2013 study in Argentina found that plasma fluoride levels decreased more compared to those who did not exercise

Alternatives to fluoride toothpaste

In addition to detoxifying the fluoride system, it is also important to reduce exposure each day. There are a few methods you can use to protect yourself and your family from excess fluoride.

The first thing to do is replace your toothpaste and mouthwash with a fluoride-free one: Especially if you have young children in the home who may be apt to swallow toothpaste, you can protect them from fluoride exposure by using fluoride-free dental products instead of toothpastes. of commercial teeth with large amounts of fluoride. Although the topical use of fluoride in these products may have some dental benefits, it may be wise to avoid it altogether.

That is why at Bionobo we have decided to expand our range of detox products and have developed a toothpaste in chewable tablets without fluoride. We currently have two types with activated charcoal from bamboo and mint.

If you want more information about our products, click on the chewable tablets link.

For shipments within Spain the cost is €4.23 (Iberian Peninsula) with free shipping from €35. For shipments to the Canary Islands the cost is €10 and free shipments from €100.

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