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How Fulvic and Humic Acid Help Repair and Prevent Radiation DNA Damage

How Fulvic and Humic Acid Help Repair and Prevent Radiation DNA Damage

In this blog, we are going to talk about how fulvic and humic acids can help repair and prevent DNA damage from radiation and how we can include these compounds in our diet to improve our health.

You may not know that exposure to radiation and electromagnetic frequencies (5G, WI-FI, etc.) together with the lack of micronutrients in our body can affect the structure of DNA, thus increasing the risk of mutations and diseases. . Furthermore, our daily exposure to radiation and oxidative stress can also damage our DNA. However, there is a natural solution.

Can fulvic acid neutralize radiation?

In the modern world we live in, we are exposed to radiation on a daily basis. For example, many of the foods we eat are irradiated to preserve their freshness. According to, the average person receives an average internal dose of about 30 millirem of radioactive material per year through the food and water we consume. Our cell phones, microwaves, and X-rays are also other common sources.

Studies have shown that fulvic acid helps neutralize radiation and reduce or eliminate its effects on the body.

For example, a study conducted at the University of California at Berkeley showed that fulvic acid was effective in protecting against radiation-induced DNA damage in human cells. Another UK study showed that fulvic acid reduced DNA damage in mice exposed to ionizing radiation.

In fact, radioactive elements have an affinity for fulvic acids. Radioactive elements and fulvic acid form new compounds, and fulvic acids essentially act as stabilizers, thus removing any remaining radioactivity. This reaction occurs very quickly, which means that the radioactive elements don't stand a chance against the power of fulvic acids.

"Radioactive elements have an affinity for humic and fulvic acids. They form organo-metallic complexes of different adsorption stability and solubility. Uranium and plutonium are influenced by humic substances as are other contaminating metals, each of which is solubilized and absorbed, thus annihilating the specific radioactivity". *120

WR Jackson PhD.

How to protect ourselves from cellular damage on a daily basis?

Fulvic acids are available in supplement form. Alkalina® Fulvic Minerals are loaded with rich fulvic acid content. Our product is 100% natural and contains no sugar, colourings, fillers or preservatives. In essence, Alcalina® has the fulvic acid you need to combat and neutralize any potential radioactive element that may appear in your day to day. Start protecting yourself and your family against the harmful effects of radiation, thanks to the action of this natural compound added to the available scientific evidence.

What other factors worsen cellular damage?

In addition to radiation, oxidative stress can also damage our DNA. Free radicals, which occur naturally in our bodies, can interact with DNA and cause mutations. However, fulvic acid has been shown to be effective in neutralizing free radicals and can therefore help prevent oxidative DNA damage. A study conducted at the Medical University of Graz in Austria showed that fulvic acid has antioxidant properties and can protect cells against oxidative stress.

In addition to protecting against DNA damage, fulvic acid may also improve the overall health of the body. This compound contains essential micronutrients, such as iron and magnesium, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Lack of these micronutrients can affect the structure of DNA and increase the risk of mutations. By including fulvic acid in our diet, we can ensure that we are getting the nutrients we need to keep our bodies healthy.

DNA damage is one of the main causes of diseases and mutations. However, we can prevent and repair this damage naturally through fulvic and humic acid in combination with a healthy lifestyle and a toxin-free diet. These compounds offer a number of health benefits and are essential for maintaining the structure of DNA. By including fulvic and humic acid in our diet, we can ensure that we are getting the necessary nutrients to keep our bodies healthy and protect our DNA from damage.

Visit our store to obtain Alcalina® , the highest quality fulvic and humic acid concentrate in bioactive solution, unlike other brands, our fulvic acid has been extracted without using toxins or acids, simply with a patented two-year filtering system. process.

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