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Problems with the thyroid? Find out about the benefits of Alkaline - Fulvic Acid.

Problems with the thyroid? Find out about the benefits of Alkaline - Fulvic Acid.

Thyroid disorders can have a negative impact on almost all aspects of life. From weight problems to depression and anxiety. The health of the thyroid gland is vital to maintaining a good physical, mental and emotional condition.

Studies confirm that the use of fulvic acid helps to improve and restore thyroid health (1* ), and is presented as a natural tool for the prevention and treatment of the root cause of thyroid disorders.

To see the clinical studies in patients with thyroid tumors, go to the end of this publication.

The thyroid, a small, bow-tie-shaped gland that plays a key role in controlling metabolism, or how the body works. The thyroid produces hormones and chemicals that travel through the blood to all parts of the body. These hormones tell the body how fast to work and use energy.

Thyroid malfunction (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism or hashimoto) is generally due to the body's autoimmune response. This is where the immune system produces antibodies that attack the gland and then cause hormone production to be affected. Generally the cause is due to mineral deficiency and the accumulation of toxins such as substances with chlorine, viruses, pathogens, infections, pesticides, enzymes or altered hormones, etc.

" Fulvic acid is the best solution to the growing problem of environmental pollution in our bodies in the 21st century, because its natural ability to remove toxins from cells is incomparable to any other method of detoxifying the body"

Dr Carolanne Wright

Several nutrients, such as iodine and selenium, and amino acids play an important role in our health, since they are converted by the thyroid to the hormones T3 and T4.

The same happens when we present deficiencies of B vitamins, zinc and other minerals, including electrolytes, since they are another cause that contributes to the symptoms of thyroid problems.


Studies show that there is the possibility of naturally repairing and restoring thyroid function, here are a series of suggestions that will help you restore the health of your thyroid:


Did you know that the thyroid is the organ with the highest selenium content? The mineral is necessary for the conversion of the hormones T4 and T3. Some of the best selenium foods to add to your diet to improve thyroid function include Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, halibut, and organic oats.

To improve the symptoms of thyroid disease, make sure you're getting enough iodine, zinc, and B vitamins in your diet. These nutrients are necessary for proper thyroid function and will help balance your hormone levels.


Exposure to chemical toxins can cause inflammatory reactions that make it difficult for the thyroid to function properly. Certain medications, hormonal birth control pills, and commercial beauty or cleaning products should be avoided whenever possible. It's also worth mentioning that heavy metals like mercury and amalgam fillings can throw off your hormonal balance, which is why seeing a holistic dentist and having silver fillings removed may help.


The use of Alcalina® -fulvic acid can prevent and treat diseases related to thyroid malfunction, including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, problems related to the endocrine system and hormonal imbalance.

Clinical studies in medical schools and hospitals show that specially prepared fulvic acid extracts regulate abnormal thyroid hormone secretion as a result of its ability to regulate RNA and DNA (cyclic nucleotides) at the cellular level.

Fulvic acid is one of the most important factors in the reversal and prevention of the disease, as well as in the maintenance of good health since Alcalina® has more than 70 minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and 20 amino acids. This miraculous molecule passes through cell membranes with ease, supplying each of our cells with all the necessary nutrients. Fulvic acid is one of the few natural substances capable of eliminating heavy metals and toxins from the body quickly and efficiently. Fulvic acid has been shown to stimulate and balance cells, creating optimal conditions for growth and regeneration.


Levothyroxine, the active substance in Eutirox, is a synthetic thyroid hormone for the treatment of diseases and dysfunctions of the thyroid gland. It has the same effect as naturally produced thyroid hormones. By consuming it as a medicine, hopefully finding the right dose, we will be able to reduce and even eliminate the symptoms, but we will not be solving the root problem.

It is the second most administered drug in the United States with over 114,000,000 prescriptions according to data from a study in 2016, which means that this drug, which is administered in most cases for life, is one of the strongest economic pillars of big pharmaceuticals.

As we already know, we must cleanse our body of toxins and nourish our cells in order to recover our health. For them it is possible to consume Alcalina® while taking levothyroxine medication. You just have to take several aspects into account. Since fulvic acid increases cell permeability, it is necessary to wait a minimum of at least 2 hours between Alkaline and Eutirox (or any other medication). This will allow your body to assimilate each of them independently without negative repercussions. In general, take the medication on an empty stomach in the morning, and Alcalina® mid-morning is the best way.


Treatment of thyroid tumor with fulvic acid in China (Royal report on ten studies)

Thyroid tumor, a frequently seen disease, has been treated by a surgical procedure of thyroidectomy (removal of the thyroid gland).

From March 1977 to April 1980, Dr. Shenyi He and his team treated 10 patients with fulvic acid. The results were a success. Follow-up visits with the patients showed that in eight cases the tumor disappeared without recurrence. Details are listed below:

Clinical data:

Number of patients: 3 cases of men and 7 cases of women

Age: between 17 and 36 years

Tumor size and location: 3-4 cm x 4-5 cm, next to the narrow band of the thyroid gland; 7 cases leaning to the left, three to the right.

Time elapsed between the first detection of the tumor and the start of treatment: From 1 week to 10 years.


The patients with thyroid tumor were less than 40 years of age. Tumors of all shapes and sizes, round or oval, were seen and had a firmer texture than the normal gland.

Treatment methods:

  1. The regimen consisted of 20 days of three daily doses of 10 ml of syrup with 50% fulvic acid. The same regimen is repeated two more times.
  2. The regimen consists of 20 days of intramuscular injection with a 2 ml dose containing 0.20% fulvic acid twice daily.
  3. An injection in the tumor region, 4 ml of 4% fulvic acid.
  4. The regimen consists of 20 days of taking fulvic acid tablets (0.3 x 4#), three times a day.

Material source:

Ruichang prepares fulvic acid syrup. Ruichang County People's Hospital manufactures fulvic acid tablets and fulvic acid injection solutions.

Analysis of therapeutic effect:

Within this group: Two patients after one course of treatment found that their tumor had disappeared; four patients found that their tumor had disappeared after two cycles of treatment; two found that their tumor had disappeared after three cycles of treatment; one patient did not complete treatment; one patient after one course of treatment found that the size of the tumor had shrunk but was followed by surgical removal of the growth.


The thyroid tumor is a follicular adenoma. It is pocket-shaped with the inner wall like shrunken follicles, some appear solid, randomly arranged, partly fiber-like, possibly due to the action of fulvic acid. Complete cure: 80%; cash: 10%; no effect: 10% (The patient treated with surgical procedures was not included in these statistics).


Case 1: Ms. Wang, 34, is married and works in a factory. In March 1977 he experienced pain in his elbows and discomfort in his neck. A ball-sized growth was found on his neck. She was examined as an outpatient and diagnosed with a thyroid tumor. After being treated with fulvic acid syrup for two months, the tumor shrank and finally disappeared. Follow-up visits showed that there was no recurrence.

Case 2: Ms. Zhou is a 36-year-old farmer, married. In October 1978, he discovered a growth on the front of his neck. Examination showed the tumor to be 4 x 5 cm in size, detectable near the left side of the narrow band. It was soft to the touch. It had a defined shape and did not hurt when pressure was applied. It went up and down when he swallowed the food. He was diagnosed with a thyroid tumor. After a month of treatment with fulvic acid injection along with fulvic acid tablets, the lump disappeared.

Case 3: Ms. Tan, 22 years old, is a teacher in a private school. In April 1977, an egg-sized lump was found in the neck area. She felt inhibited in breathing. After three regimens with intramuscular injection of fulvic acid, the lump was reduced in size. Since then there has not been a relapse.

Case 4: Mr. Liang, 17, is a student. The growth on his neck was discovered 6 years ago. It was located in the center inclined to the right, its size is 3 x 3 cm. Treatment began on April 2, 1979, consisting of fulvic acid injection along with fulvic acid tablets. A month later the lump began to shrink and two months later it was gone. Follow-up visits showed that there was no recurrence.

Case 5: Ms. Luo is a 30-year-old married woman. For over a month she felt like she had a lump in her neck and her throat itched. A tumor with a size of 3 x 3 cm was detected on examination, detectable near the left side of the narrow band. It was medium firm to the touch and when pressure was applied, it didn't hurt. It moved up and down when the food was swallowed. After two regimens of fulvic acid treatment starting on December 20, 1979, the lump disappeared.

Understanding Points:

  1. The 10 cases were outpatient treatments. Before and after treatment, no other medication was used. The disappearance of the tumor is undoubtedly the result of the use of fulvic acid.
  2. According to related reports, fulvic acid has an antiviral effect and allows the thyroid gland to return to normal.
  3. The disappearance of the thyroid tumor may be related to the inhibition towards the thyroid tumor cells, related to the inhibition of their uncontrollable growth.
  4. Patients feel good during the treatment, free from any discomfort.
  5. Treatment is simple and the cost of drugs is low. Patients are freed from the suffering of surgery and its related complications. Patients do not need to lose time from work.
  6. Based on a limited case study, the syrup injections along with the tablets give quick results.
  7. To ensure the best result, the patient must follow the entire treatment without interruptions.

Reference Studies:

Shenyi He, et al; Humic Acids in Jiangxi Province, 1 (1982). In: Application of fulvic acid and its derivatives in the fields of agriculture and medicine; chapter 34; first edition: June 1993.


Alcalina® is the most powerful bio-active solution on the market. More quantity does not ensure better quality. Our research and development team has managed to find the exact extraction formula and thus naturally obtain such a high concentration that it surpasses any other similar product by at least 30% more purity. Get all the benefits of one of the richest and only sources of fulvic acid on this planet.

Not all fulvic acid supplements are created equal and do not come from the same source, be careful with metallic or clay mineral products as they can leave toxic mineral deposits in tissues.

All our batches go through rigorous quality control, so we ensure the highest quality, concentration and purity.

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