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Fluoride in bottled water

Fluoride in bottled water

We know that tap water is loaded with fluoride, but have you ever wondered if drinking fluoridated bottled water is actually beneficial for your health?

Although it has been promoted as a way to keep teeth healthy , too much fluoride can be harmful to our bodies . It's important to be aware of the negative effects of drinking fluoridated bottled water and consider switching to a healthier, more natural alternative.

Below we share with you very interesting information about bottled water and what values ​​we must take into account to choose a bottle that does not have a negative impact on our health . We will also explain which are the 10 Spanish bottled water brands with the highest amount of fluoride and their percentages .

Fluoride levels vary from one brand of bottled water to another. Although spring water is often a great source of low fluoride or no fluoride water, the fluoride content can range from 0.0 to 1.1 ppm . While bottled water labeled "purified" or "distilled" will not contain fluoride unless a brand intentionally adds it.

In general, bottled water is an excellent source of fluoride-free water if it comes from underground springs and does not contain harmful additives.

How much fluoride is safe?

Fluorine is a highly reactive and toxic substance . According to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), it does not play any essential role in human growth and development . No signs of fluoride deficiency have been identified in humans.

In addition, contrary to what we know through the media, the ingestion of fluoride does not provide any great benefit for dental health . In fact, the minimal effect of fluoride on dental health occurs primarily through topical application (contact with the surface of the teeth).

This means that there is no reason to introduce fluoride into the body.

Health effects of fluoride:

In addition to fluoride ingestion being non-essential for human and dental health, fluoride is also classified as a cumulative toxin . This means that it accumulates in the body. Harvard researchers have linked fluoride to lead, mercury and other deadly chemicals.

Here are some of the health effects that fluoride accumulation can cause:

Skeletal fluorosis: weaker bones, stiffness and pain in the joints

Dental fluorosis: damage to the enamel of the teeth

Calcification of the pineal gland: lack of sleep and decreased melatonin.

Hypothyroidism: Fluoride was used in the past as a medication to reduce thyroid function, and ingesting it can reduce thyroid function.

That being said, natural fluoride levels typically found in fresh surface water are 0.05 ppm. So taking this into account we should not consume water that exceeds these values.

So how does bottled water contribute to this?

3 BIG problems with fluoridated bottled water.

Although fluoride has been used for decades to prevent tooth decay, consuming too much fluoride can cause health damage. People who regularly drink fluoridated bottled water can suffer from stomach problems, kidney problems, and even thyroid problems. Also, fluoride has not been properly regulated and some brands of bottled water have higher levels of fluoride than the recommended level.

Main problems presented by the vast majority of bottled waters with fluoride:

1. No traceability

One of the biggest problems with bottled water is that it is almost impossible to know where it comes from and what it contains.

It is common to see news about different brands of bottled water with a high content of certain toxic contaminants.

However, let's not forget where bottled water comes from.

When you look at a bottle of water, you will see “source of fresh water” written on the bottle with beautiful mountains and pristine rivers in the background. But the truth is, for example: Nearly 64% of the bottled water sold in the United States is filtered tap water , according to a 2018 report by the advocacy group Food & Water Watch.

2. The dangers posed by low-quality plastics in water bottles

Chances are, you've heard about all the negative side effects that plastic has on the environment. But not many people are aware of the effects that these very low quality plastics have on our bodies.

Taking into account that most water contaminants are not detectable by smell, taste, or sight, it is almost impossible to be certain about what the water contains. This is especially true of plastic bottled water.

Whether they're BPA, BHPF, or PVC , they're guaranteed to be part of the cheap , mass-produced plastics that accompany water bottles . Which means you'll almost certainly be swallowing a cocktail of microplastics.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) was forced to carry out a health review after discovering that 90% of bottled water contained high levels of microplastics.

Effects on our body in the short term

Hormonal alteration: mimics or antagonizes natural estrogens.

Infertility: decreased number of sperm.

Cancer: increase in some types of breast, ovarian, testicular and prostate cancer.

Alteration of sex-specific behaviors

Alteration of the functions of the reproductive organs

3. Environmental impact:

Another factor to keep in mind is that bottled water with fluoride also has a negative impact on the environment. It is estimated that more than 3.5 billion plastic water bottles are thrown away each year in Spain . Furthermore, the production and transportation of these plastic bottles contribute to air and water pollution. By switching to a more sustainable alternative, we can reduce our environmental footprint and ensure we are doing our part to protect our planet.

3. Paying more for water

Another reason to avoid purchasing bottled water with fluoride is the impact on our wallets. In the long term, spending on bottled water is much higher than investing in a sustainable alternative. Plus, many healthier, more natural alternatives are more affordable over time.

Since a high percentage of bottled water comes from tap water, bottled water consumers are essentially just paying to have their tap water filtered.

The 10 Spanish bottled water brands with the highest amount of fluoride and their percentages:

1. Font Vella: 1.2 mg/l (part per million)

2. Bezoya: 1.1 mg/l

3. Lanjaron: 0.9 mg/l

4. Aquarel: 0.8mg/l

5. Solán de Cabras: 0.7 mg/l

6. Fontarel: 0.7mg/l

7. Monte Pinos: 0.6 mg/l

8. Sierra Cazorla: 0.6 mg/l

9. Light Source: 0.5 mg/l

10. Fontecabras: 0.5 mg/l

These fluoride levels can vary depending on the production batch and the specific bottle you purchase.

When choosing to drink one of these brands of bottled water, it's important to know how much fluoride you're consuming. If you plan to drink bottled water regularly, be sure to choose a brand that has the fluoride levels you need.

The solution is clear and simple.

Recognizing the damage that ingesting fluoridated bottled water can have on our long-term health, as well as the environment and our budget, is essential to considering healthier and more sustainable alternatives. By making small changes in our choices, we can enjoy a better quality of life and do our part to protect the planet. Drinking enough water is important, but doing so ethically and sustainably is even more important.

Drinking quality water will help you prevent diseases, not expose you to them. The solution is simple and is in your hands.

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