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Interview with Laura Hernández Physiotherapist and Psychologist

Interview with Laura Hernández Physiotherapist and Psychologist

Interview with Laura Hernández Physiotherapist and Psychologist

Welcome to our new section where we will interview health professionals who share their approach and experience with fulvic acid and "other tools" to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

Today, we are delighted to introduce Laura, a systemic and integrative craniosacral therapist with over 15 years of experience helping people transform their physical and emotional pain into resources for self-awareness. 

What excites us the most is that in addition to using Alcalina , in her practice as part of her integrative medicine approach, Laura has incorporated fulvic acid into her personal routine to combat lichen scleriosus, obtaining very positive results . We will tell you in detail at continuation.

Hello Laura, on a professional level, could you tell us who you are and what specific activities you carry out in your office?

I am Laura Hernández, systemic and integrative craniosacral therapist. For more than 15 years I have been accompanying people so that they can discover the origin and information behind their physical or emotional pain so that they can transform their symptoms into self-knowledge resources that help them recover a normal and full life. 

I am specialized in working with the cellular memories of our body that collect the unresolved traumas of our life, our family system or our soul. 

I have trained in Physiotherapy, Psychology, Craniosacral Therapy, Systemic Therapy and family constellations, Phytotherapy and Bach Flowers.

Each therapist has their own methodology. What are your "best tools" when diagnosing, treating and supporting your patients?

My tools are based on an integral and holistic work of the body. With time and experience, I have created a work method that I have called Embodied Life Therapy, which consists of establishing an energetic dialogue with the body and the energy field of each person in order to identify the blocking points and be able to release them. Through this dialogue we can pass from the subconscious to the conscious everything that each person cannot see or integrate and that causes pain or suffering. In my work the physical part, the emotional and mental part and the spiritual part of the person are inseparable. I studied and worked with each part separately but today I integrate them all because for me they are all interconnected and we need a healthy balance between all of them to talk about Health in a real way.

In general, do you think that your patients are aware of the importance of nutrition for their general health and well-being, or is it something that they are generally unaware of and do not take into account? 

The issue of nutrition is not something that I address in a specific way, since it is not part of my specialization, but I do support patients through hygienist practices mainly based on phytotherapy and natural products. This part helps me to complement the work we do with the physical body in the office. 

Working with his patients both physically and psychologically, we know that the work they have to do can be really taxing, both on the body and the mind. Do you consider that nutritional supplements are an essential support for your therapies? And why?

 Yes, in certain cases supplementation support is needed to help achieve faster results or to stabilize those we achieve in therapy. Getting the physical body is more balanced helps us to work more effectively on the emotional field. In this sense, I always opt for supplements of natural origin, and simplicity and simplicity is important to me. I believe that it is important that patients achieve adherence and consistency with the treatments and in this sense the law of "less is more" is fundamental. If a person has to take 10 supplements a day, they will not be able to sustain it for a long time and they will end up giving up. That is why Bionobo's philosophy of including several plants and active substances in the same supplement seems very practical and easy to carry and it is something that fits into my philosophy of supplementation. 

Each patient is different and requires personalized treatment, but if you had to choose 3 essential supplements for your therapies, what would they be and why? 

-Alkaline- seems essential to me because of its multiple fields of action. In a single product we have detoxification,  nutrition and regeneration and above all the ability it has to act at the cellular level I think is one of its strengths. 

-vitamin C- in the world we live in full of external and internal toxins generated by stress or radiation, taking antioxidants is essential for me. Vitamin C is very affordable and helps reduce free radicals as well as improve the condition of tissues and provides energy and vitality. I personally love it and I usually take high doses every day, between 2-3 grams daily

-Seawater-  before discovering alkaline was what I used daily. Now I combine it with alkaline to enhance its effects and the result is incredible. Seawater helps me with intermittent fasting, which I could consider as another supplement in its own right. I feel that it nourishes me internally, at a cellular level and gives me a lot of energy and vitality. 

I consider that these three options are very affordable for anyone and a very good way to take care of and maintain our physical health.

And something that I also practice and usually recommend are enemas, especially coffee or Alkaline. I think it is a practice that has been carried out ancestrally and that we have to recover. The cleansing effect is so immediate that it is noticeable throughout the body. More energy, more optimism, more mental clarity and focus, more relaxation are some of the benefits that are immediately noticeable when doing them. 

Could you describe the reasons why you have decided to include fulvic acid in your therapeutic practices? Also, what benefits do you think it can provide?

- Due to its remineralization capacity- in a single product it is possible to have all the minerals that our body needs for proper functioning, making up for any deficiency and balancing any excess. That is why I consider it a "smart" supplement and that gives me a lot of confidence when it comes to taking it and recommending it. Today, despite having access to a much more varied diet than our ancestors, in general, food due to agricultural exploitation and contamination, is nutritionally poorer and therefore supplementation support is necessary. 

- Due to its capacity as an intercellular communicator, this allows us to ensure that all the components present in fulvic acid reach the cell and enhance the effect of any other substance or natural supplement that is needed. So that's why I consider it a supportive supplement because it always benefits the body itself and other supplements that are needed. 

-Because of its detoxification capacity- nowadays maintaining good health is only possible if we include practices or supplements that favor our purification. And fulvic acid makes it simple and easy for everyone, even the little ones. And this for me is a huge advantage over phytotherapy or other supplements. 

-As a result of the above, and something very important is the ability to alkalize our body, something essential to be healthy. Since I take fulvic acid and despite being in direct contact with many people every day I have not gotten sick and I remain in a state of more energy and vitality.

We know that you have personally used Alcalina, our fulvic acid concentrate, to combat lichen sclerosus. Could you describe your experience and results?

Alkaline has been the product that has helped me control the crises and outbreaks of this disease. I started using it directly on the skin intuitively and my surprise was that it helped me a lot to maintain elasticity and activated cell regeneration. This was something I noticed immediately, since I work on the tissue practically daily and in this way I could feel the changes myself. I drastically reduce the scarring and adhesions that this disease causes. 

My path with this disease has been long and I think I can say that I have tried practically everything, and I believe that Alcalina can be a very good, safe and effective option to stop, control the disease and regenerate what it produces. And something very powerful is that it works from the inside out and without any side effects.

I am still observing and expecting the longer-term results, but for now I can say that it has helped me and continues to do so, which is why I continue to use it daily both orally and locally. In fact, I have recommended it to some people who also suffer from this disease and I am waiting to see the results with a larger sample.

W hat advice would you give to people who are still hesitating to incorporate supplements like Alcalina into their treatment?

Today the best preventive medicine that we can do is to cleanse and alkalize our body and Alkaline is an easy, simple and suitable way for everyone. It seems to me a powerful tool to take care of our physical body with endless possibilities, since it does not work directly with the symptom but rather facilitating the re-balancing of the body. Without a doubt for me, the new Medicine is going to go that way, supporting the healing mechanisms of our own body, letting its own intelligence act. 

Given the great toxic load to which we are all subjected, the introduction of supplements such as alkaline is of great help and cannot be missing in our homes. For me it is health insurance and it is as easy as trying and experiencing the results for yourself. 

Finally , could you provide us with the way our clients can contact you if they want to ask a question?

I am currently working in person at Visana,  a center of Integrative Medicine and Holistic Dentistry in Madrid, and online from anywhere. If you are interested in my work you can discover more at from where you can also contact me as well as book a session if you need it. I will be happy to support you from my work and vision to recover your full state of health and well-being. 

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