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Interview with Dr. Inmaculada Muñoz Porras, specialist in medicine and cosmetic surgery.

Interview with Dr. Inmaculada Muñoz Porras, specialist in medicine and cosmetic surgery.
Today we are pleased to introduce you to Dr. Inmaculada Muñoz Porras, an expert specialized in medicine and cosmetic surgery , providing in-depth knowledge of the biochemical and cellular mechanisms that underlie the aging process .
His experience with nutritional supplements and especially fulvic acid and its use in the field of anti-aging techniques have proven invaluable in helping his patients achieve optimal health that is reflected both on the inside and on the outside. of the organism.

Hi Inma, tell us who are you and what specialty do you do?

He introduced me to Dr. Inmaculada Muñoz Porras, a specialist in medicine and cosmetic surgery. Since I started my degree, a very important part of me was concerned about knowing the biochemical and cellular mechanisms that go beyond the disease itself. Especially focused on the aging process. From the point of conventional medicine, knowing that I like to know how the human being works in its entirety, I could not find any typical medical specialty that could cover all this, hence I decided to take my own path studying metabolism, biochemistry on my own and above all, anti-aging techniques, which led me to make the decision to specialize in aesthetic medicine, not precisely from aesthetics known as such, but because it allows me to have a gateway and a base on which to base myself and from which to build. My own way of approaching integral medicine is that medicine that encompasses the human being in its entirety.

What are the main 3 external factors that cause the aging of our body today?

Undoubtedly the first group are xenobiotics (any substance that interacts with an organism and that is not one of its natural components) present in absolutely everything from clothing to food, medications, air….

The next one is noise pollution, without realizing it we are surrounded by a subtle and not-so-subtle world full of noise and this generates alterations in our DNA, making us live under continuous stress.

And finally our own thoughts, it has been scientifically proven for a long time that thoughts have weight, therefore they are matter, so negative thoughts contaminate us little by little without realizing it until they make us learn to live in a state of disotopia that We normalize each other.

Can you explain the reasons why you use fulvic acid in your practice?
Fulvic acid is the basis of biochemistry, it contains all the minerals, vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human being to function. Apart from the scientific support behind it, by putting it into clinical practice it has shown me to be a great ally against chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, even in healthy people it provides an input in their daily life.

We already know the capabilities that fulvic acid has to regenerate our body at the cellular level. With what other substance or nutritional supplement could we combine it to enhance its regenerative effect and why?

For me, fulvic acid is so complete that combining it with something else would almost be a "crime", but if something were to add benefits, without a doubt the adaptogens, which by the way, Bionobo has a great supplement made up of the best adaptogens we can give you. to our body (Biohack). And maybe if you allow me vitamin D in correct doses. Everything else with a good diet is enough.

Can you share with us some of the most innovative tools you use to help patients?
Intravenous fluids rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C in high doses. Techniques with mineral-medicinal waters. The neurobiofeeback. And without a doubt fulvic acid among many others.

We have been following you on the networks for several years and we know that you are an ambassador of the practice of prolonged fasting (more than 3 days). Is it your secret weapon to combat aging? and if so why?

Without a doubt, it is one of the most important, thanks to fasting for more than 72 hours we managed to activate the metabolism and the immune system with the "consume to clean" approach, it is like when you decide not to buy anything else from the supermarket until you finish all of them. freezer stocks. On a scientific level, it could take several hours of explanation, but on a global level, fasting activates very powerful genes against cancer and very powerful genes that improve cognitive and immune function.

We know that you have a great knowledge of nutritional supplements and that you always investigate unknown routes. What 3 supplements would you take if you had to go to a deserted island and why?

This question makes me very funny, because in my talks I always spend about 10 minutes explaining exactly what to take to a desert island to survive and it really wouldn't be supplements, I make it easier: dark chocolate because of its high content of energizing substances, antioxidants and because it helps to secrete dopamine to be happy, sardines for their high omega 3 content to stimulate the brain and water purification tablets because on the deserted island there will be coconuts from which we will extract their water rich in potassium to maintain the basic hydroelectrolytic balance
What medical research or studies have come to your attention that the majority of the population is unaware of and would be very useful to anyone with an interest in personal and public health?
The mechanisms on which the circadian syndrome is based, which is a syndrome that practically 100% of the world population suffers from, except if you go to the blue zones of the planet.
Of all your patients treated with Alcalina® our fulvic acid concentrate, which has been the case in which the results have been most amazing?
A lady with years of suffering from chronic fatigue who walked with bilateral crutches who after 10 days in my hands in a beautiful place where I worked, after those 10 days with a good diet, rest, I use mineral-medicinal waters, fulvic acid at 10 days he left without using even a crutch.

Finally , could you provide us with the way our clients can contact you if they want to ask a question?

Those patients who want to contact me without a doubt bionobo can facilitate my contact and if not here I leave an email I have to say that the patient committed to his healing process will be welcome because I do nothing I just put the service the tools that I study and that have already been put into practice by colleagues, this is not magic, this is to remind the body, mind and soul that they are one and that everything, absolutely everything, is within them, both disease and illness. health.

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