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Increase the longevity of your cats and dogs with Fulvic Acid.

Increase the longevity of your cats and dogs with Fulvic Acid.

Fulvic acid was known to the ancient Greeks as a "body preservative" and in Ayurveda it is called "Shilajit" or "Salajeet", or "nectar of the gods", for its ability to counteract weakness and contribute to vitality. It is a substance produced in healthy soils, with more than 70 active ingredients, and it really should be included in the diet of cats and dogs as a natural health supplement.

It is common for pet owners to refuse to associate the early death of their dog or cat (for example, between 6 and 12 years of age) with never being fed real food and therefore being fed large nutritional deficiencies.

Can you imagine feeding your whole life on canned and chemically processed food? This is what happens to the vast majority of pets that live in cities and flats without contact with nature and healthy soil.

Adding or increasing essential nutrients in the form of real minerals and vitamins to your pet's diet extends their longevity and overall health. However, essential nutrition has to come from natural ingredients, not synthetic ones, because real natural supplements provide a complex range of nutrients that cannot be replaced by synthetic ones.

Fulvic acid is a rich storehouse naturally produced by microbes in the soil, which normally break down plant matter, thereby creating important nutrients and elements for plants to grow again, and that's what we and animals eat. Fulvic acid is a gift we receive from the earth, which is why it is so powerful and provides our body with a large number of complete and complex elements that contribute to excellent health. Unfortunately, however, our lands, which should be nutrient dense and abundant in fulvic acid, are sorely devoid of everything necessary to support life. Due to overplanting, chemical fertilizers, chemicals in the water, chemicals regularly sprayed on the soil, the effects of chemo-trails, etc., there are nutritional deficiencies throughout the food chain. If the integrity of our lands were better protected by proper harvesting techniques, real fertilizers, and so on, fulvic acid would be abundant in our foods, pets could ingest good, rich nutrients with no problem, and therefore you wouldn't need to include supplements in your diet. your diet.

The active ingredients in fulvic acid are bioavailable to the body, unlike the synthetic minerals regularly sold for pets (Humans too).

Synthetic vitamins and minerals often consist of petroleum, nicotine, or coal tar derivatives, and they do more harm in the long run because they hijack the actual minerals from the body. By this means, the body begins to take these synthetics as if they were metabolic processes and believes that they are essential resources, but, in reality, they are leaving the body without real minerals and causing the natural pH of cats and dogs to change .

One of the main reasons synthetic chemicals are added to a product is that the industry manipulates food to make it last longer on the shelf and more convenient for the consumer. These chemicals and adjustments made to food lead to a loss of important nutrients and vitamins.

These processes force growers to add compounds instead to balance the minerals and vitamins they removed, and sadly they choose synthetics because they're cheap and convenient. In the vast majority of cases, producers do not choose real, natural food. They prefer cheap ingredients for higher profits as adding real vitamins and minerals would increase costs.

Considering that it is classified as "the nectar of the gods", adding fulvic acid to your pet's diet is highly beneficial for their health and should be used as a natural supplement, rather than any other synthetic product. However, as with everything, you have to make sure that you buy a good quality and authentic product.

Unfortunately, there are many products that claim to have pure fulvic acid but are actually mixed with other ingredients, and these are the things to avoid, no matter what good things are said on the packaging . The more you move away from the 100% natural product, the more likely to add contaminants. We also recommend that you get used to using the individual ingredients in order to control the quality and quantity with products of excellence. That's why our fulvic acid is of the highest possible purity and concentration and has not been diluted or flavored.

Do not be fooled by advertising and do not believe that the pet industry is seriously interested primarily in the health of your animal, on many occasions it can be quite the opposite. That is why it is very important that, as the person in charge of caring for your pet, you take control. You have to understand what their needs are and then choose and buy what is best for their long-term health and well-being. Your dog or cat is totally dependent on your decision making and is going to deal with the consequences of your choices, good and bad. For this very reason, if you want to keep your canine or feline companion by your side for a long time, you have to ensure their health at a cellular level.

The true power of fulvic acid is that it cannot be replicated by industry at a level of complexity that makes it bioavailable to both the plant and animal kingdom. Mother Nature has taken the time to create this acid through the cycle of life and the decomposition of plant matter, with all the intelligence of soil microbes doing their job, which is why it is so difficult for humanity to recreate it. and get your patent. Fulvic acid is so fundamental to life that it is known that we could not exist on this planet without it.

Fulvic Acid Benefits

  • Has antimicrobial properties
  • It is a natural health supplement created by the earth itself
  • It has essential minerals necessary for the body
  • Allows minerals and vitamins to be bioavailable to the body
  • Helps with the absorption and use of vitamins and minerals at the cellular level, including the all-important mitochondria
  • Provides trace minerals from nutrient-rich soils
  • Has essential amino acids
  • Contains plant-derived nutrients
  • Helps reduce blood pressure
  • It is a powerful antioxidant
  • It is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Supports the vitality and longevity of pets
  • Helps reduce the frequency with which pets eat street garbage, feces , etc. (actually, most pets are not hungry, they are deficient in actual minerals and vitamins, so they have a natural instinct to search for what they are missing)
  • Helps remove cell debris from the body
  • Enhances the absorption of healing herbs and enhances their effect
  • Helps with detoxification and rejuvenating health at the cellular level
  • Maintains a healthy stomach pH to support your cat or dog's natural terrain
  • Allows healthy, natural intestinal bacteria to proliferate and multiply
  • Improves the immune system
  • Improves and increases neurotransmitters that have to do with cognitive function
  • Helps balance metabolism
  • It is good for the cardiac system
  • It's anti-aging
  • Helps increase the rate of enzymatic reactions
  • Provides important electrolytes for the body
  • Helps maintain healthy skin, coat and nails
  • May help keep muscles, ligaments, and tendons healthy and speed up your recovery
  • May help with the healing of burns, cuts, and abrasions
  • Helps heal insect bites
  • Helps eliminate parasites, worms, ticks, etc.

Conditions for which fulvic acid can help

  • Leaky gut and other intestinal problems, such as IBS , because it makes cell walls more permeable and increases nutrient absorption and greatly improves intestinal flora
  • Weight loss, because it increases the bioavailability of minerals so the body naturally balances only nutritional deficiencies that contribute to overeating and cravings
  • Helps improve cognitive health due to fulvic acid's ability to enhance neurotransmission
  • Helps with detoxification of heavy metals and diseases associated with them by helping to remove metals and other contaminants from the pet's body
  • Improves mood and helps with depression and anxiety by improving stress release
  • May help calm aggressive dogs and cats because fulvic acid helps soothe the nervous system
  • Diabetes, because it helps balance blood sugar
  • Vaccine damage , because it helps detoxify the body of heavy metals
  • May help reduce arthritis pain because it is a natural anti-inflammatory and improves bone and joint health
  • Helps repair damaged tendons, ligaments and more.
  • May help reduce blood clots
  • Helps heal ulcerative wounds
  • Helps improve skin conditions and infections such as eczema, hot spots, etc.
  • May help with certain eye diseases
  • May help with the death of cancer cells by helping to remove toxins from the body
  • May help protect the body against the effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • It can help eliminate fungal infections by being antimicrobial
  • May help reduce the effects of allergies and asthma
  • Helps eliminate parasites and worms from the body without destroying them inside the body, therefore leaving the pet to deal with the toxicity of dead worms and parasites

What is the difference between fulvic acid and humic acid?

Fulvic acid and humic acid are components of humus. They are formed by the organic decomposition of plant matter that is naturally found in the land and that plays an important role in the health of our ecosystem. The work of the microbes in the soil and the whole intricate process of Nature by which dead matter is broken down so that it goes back to the soil and brings life back is what produces these acids. Then they allow and support plant growth. It is the life cycle of the earth and we should receive this "body preservative" through new plant growth, but as we mentioned earlier, with all we have done to destroy our soils, most people and animals are missing out. these crucial natural supplements for life.

Fulvic acids are seen as the main elements in humic substance, but they really fit together with the other natural elements. Simply put, they do very similar things, although fulvic acid is more easily absorbed by accessing mitochondria and important cell membranes, making it better able to remove and neutralize toxins. Humic acid, on the other hand, is not permeable but it is still just as important since it has other functions, Alkaline

Is fulvic acid safe for pets?

Yes. A good product is very powerful, so you have to respect the doses, but your cat or dog will benefit from taking fulvic acid. We should always have it on hand as a great natural health supplement instead of giving synthetics. Fulvic acid should be classified as an essential ingredient to add to pet food because it increases the body's ability to absorb nutrients and is a great natural detoxifier. Along with feeding raw food , fulvic and humic acids will have great health benefits for your pet and will completely improve mineral and vitamin intake.

To ensure that you have a good quality product, the fulvic acid or Shilajit has to be suitable for human consumption and be soluble in water (preferably distilled water). Ideally, you should be looking for a product that contains 70 or more different complexes. When you dissolve the fulvic acid, there might be some natural sediment at the bottom of the glass that still needs to be stirred or dissolved properly, but there shouldn't be any insoluble impurities floating or at the bottom either. When the acid dissolves, it should be a nice but light brown color, like a tea.

As with everything, it's all about creating the right balance with what the body really needs. Always start small and find out what works for your particular cat or dog and try to stick to the recommended dosage amounts. Or you can go for a lower dose even when you're just starting out, especially considering that it can help detoxify the body, so the last thing you want is to send your pet into a sudden detox spiral. So, go slow and easy.

Side effects

IMPORTANT: Due to its absorbency, it is not recommended to mix fulvic acid with tap water because it is full of toxic chemicals (yes, including chloride and fluoride, which are known as a neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor, enzyme inhibitor, and mitochondrial poison (Court discoveries have found in three significant cases that fluoridation of water causes cancer. Fluoride also damages teeth and bones.) (1) Therefore, the toxic chemicals in tap water will be absorbed by fulvic acid, which will then easily penetrate into the cells and mitochondria of pets. The goal is to keep your pet healthy, so mix the powder only with distilled or properly filtered water.

  • Consult your holistic veterinarian before administering to pregnant or lactating dogs and cats.
  • Consult your vet if your pet suffers from any health condition.
  • Consult your veterinarian before administering it if your pet takes any allopathic medication, because it could affect the absorption of those drugs.
  • Due to fulvic acid's ability to enhance absorption into cells, keep in mind that if your pet is exposed to toxins, it may in some instances increase their absorption. And that is why it is imperative that you look for a good pure product so that your cat or dog does not suffer any side effects from contaminants found in certain products.

With all that being said, if you can start giving it to your pet, you should start to see some improvements in their health because it is a complete and complete supplement that no synthetic product could compete against. Pachamama's natural supplement is far superior to all synthetic supplements produced on the market.

Regardless of whether your dog or cat is unwell or has a chronic illness, the best way to proceed is to work with your holistic vet to put together a plan in which you can include fulvic acid in their diet, thereby contributing to the health of your cat or dog. healing. It is too important an element for your pet's general health not to include it in his diet, even if he suffers from a serious condition.

Fulvic Acid Dosage for Pets

Cats and dogs

Fulvic acid can be used internally or externally. Remember that it is an incredibly powerful supplement, so don't go overboard with the amount. Less is more. Fulvic acid increases the absorption of other elements in consideration, so be aware of what you are adding in terms of your pet's food, herbs, water, etc., because with fulvic acid, anything could have a direct relationship with the heart of each cell.

Recommendations for use

Fulvic acid enhances nutrient intake, but also helps the body detoxify. Take it carefully, because some animals, if they are dosed too high to begin with, will have a lot of toxins in their body and may go into detoxification, which could last anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks depending on the animal. If this happens, continue giving fulvic acid but reduce the amount until you see the symptoms disappear. Alternatively, you can start with the lowest dose (5 drops) for a period of time to allow your pet's body to detoxify and cleanse itself while also leveling out nutrient intake, increasing the quality of the flora. intestinal, etc., and then you can increase the dosage according to the instructions or recommendations of your holistic vet. The normal dose is between 5 to 10 drops daily and for larger pets about 10-20 drops daily.

general guide

Internal use : the amount to be administered will depend on the body weight; you have to adjust the dose accordingly. Fulvic acid can be added directly to food or clean water (distilled, purified, or filtered. Not tap). The recommended amount can be given throughout the day or all together. Contact us if you have questions about what is best for your pet in particular.

External use : can be applied to the skin to help with wounds, burns, rashes, inflammation, etc. It can be applied twice a day until the problem has been resolved. It can be mixed with clean water and placed directly. Or you can add a little powdered fulvic acid with herbs that help with skin problems, olive or coconut oil to make an ointment that is applied directly.

One of the best things you can do for your pet is to not only feed it a species-appropriate diet but also find out where the nearest homeopathic or holistic vet is. Most problems in animals are caused by poor nutrition or exposure to toxins. Herbal medicine works with the body to cleanse toxins and resolve deficiencies.

Natural medicine is the best preventative medicine and also has fewer known side effects than any other natural medicine sold at standard vet shops. The deep connection animals have to the earth means they are innately connected to plants, soils, and real food. The more of them you include in your life, the better for your cat or dog.

This article is not intended to diagnose or treat. Always consult with your holistic vet for a proper diagnosis and individualized treatment plan for your pet.

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