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What is Fulvic Acid and what is it used for?

What is Fulvic Acid and what is it used for?
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What are Fulvic Acids?

Known for more than 3,000 years as the "Elixir of Life" in the East, fulvic acids are an extremely complex natural molecule that has been shown to be up to 188 times more antioxidant than blueberries themselves in recent studies and has aroused great interest. in the western scientific community.

To correctly define Fulvic Acids we must understand the difference between Organic and Inorganic minerals:

  • A. A Mineral with an Organic structure is known as any mineral that is attached/linked to a Carbon molecule. This union makes the structure of the mineral molecule recognizable and assimilable by living organisms, including the human body, plants, and animals. Organic minerals are present in plant and animal foods, although today with industrial food production the levels of minerals present in both plants and animals have decreased quantitatively. In this group we can find gluconates, citrates, picolinates, lactates, orotates and aminochelates. These forms are what we will find in some supplements and also in food, especially in the plant and animal kingdom.

  • B. Mineral with inorganic structure is known as any mineral that is not bound/bound to a Carbon molecule. These mineral chelates, also known as organic salts, are much less bio-available than Organic ones and are not usually very bio-available, they have more associated side effects and higher toxicity than organic ones. One of the best known examples regarding the side effects of inorganic forms is that of Iron , which usually causes gastrointestinal intolerances. Sulfates, oxides and phosphates are part of this group.

  • C. In a third place and as a subgroup within Organic Minerals, we have what is known as Bioactive Organic Minerals. This group of mineral substances comprises those organic mineral chelates that are bound to at least one amino acid. It is in this group that the humic substances known as Fulvic, Humic and Humate Acids are present in the rich humic layer of the soil. These compounds are highly bio-available and synergistic with cellular processes because their molecular structure is completely compatible and permeable through cell walls and membranes that are difficult for other compounds to cross, such as the blood-brain membrane. In the case of fulvic acid. In addition, in the case of Alcalina®, our Fulvic acid is an Ionic and Bio-active saline solution that also presents high bioavailability of its mineral and trace element content as it is ionized after filtering and dissolving in alkaline water, which allows Gastric digestion easily breaks the molecules and therefore they are better absorbed.
Fulvic acids contain all the mineral trace elements, amino acids, and all the phytochemicals that gave life to the exuberant vegetation of that time millions of years ago. These trees and plants at the end of their life cycle were decomposed by microorganisms present in the soil for millennia and turned into this elixir of life which preserves all these compounds thanks to the complex molecules of these humic substances. No chemical process or laboratory has been able to replicate the flawless work of nature to create these electromagnetically charged compounds.

Where does our Fulvic Acid come from?

Some of the richest deposits of fulvic acid come from the American continent, however it is possible to find it all over the planet in the form of fulvic and humic substances in a wide variety of terrains.
Just as there are deposits of exceptional quality diamonds, thanks to privileged geographical and environmental conditions, deposits of humic and fulvic acids of extraordinary quality and concentration are produced , where their purity is such that it is possible to extract the complex molecules of the humic layer using only pure water.

Being extracted with this exclusive natural filtering system that requires approximately two years per batch, it is possible to obtain a final product of the highest quality.
This advanced system allows to obtain a fully bio-available and water-soluble organic multimineral. However, this is not a multimineral like you can buy in a health food store that contains only 20 minerals, rather it is a multimineral that contains each and every trace mineral, that is, at minus 75 trace minerals, in addition to all the phytochemicals that are also present in this mineral elixir , since in these extraordinary circumstances, life was trapped in its entirety and these minerals are not recent at all.
The most accurate estimates available of the age of our deposit in the Mississippi Valley and riviera tell us that it is between 10 and 70 million years old , no one can accurately guess the age of the deposits, but what we do know It is certain that it is the only one known in the world with a layer of oceanic and terrestrial origin, which implies that this extremely rich fulvic compound contains information in the form of DNA traces of plants and algae that are already found today. extinct and interacted with life back then in its purest state.

Medicinal use of Fulvic Acids in India and China:

For thousands of years in the traditional medicine systems of India and China have proven the effectiveness of these compounds, in India in the Ayurvedic system it has been highly valued for more than 3000 years, and the relevance of fulvic minerals is such that They are at the pinnacle of Ayurvedic treatments , similarly TCM has always praised the attributes of fulvic minerals.

In China, where they have been using fulvic minerals in hospitals today, they have a number of clinical reports that are available on the internet by searching for "china fulvic acid reports" on Google, you will find great references to the work done. about cancer, tumors, fibromyalgia and arthritis among others. A whole multitude of conditions have been prevented through the use of fulvic acid as a therapy by medical specialists.

Why consider consuming fulvic acid?

For decades the food we eat has been depleted in minerals and it is a known fact for almost 100 years, chemical farming depletes the minerals in the soil, mineral poor soil gives rise to poor quality plants with mineral deficiencies and consequently people poor in minerals, and people deficient in certain minerals only realize that they suffer from mineral poverty when they start to feel not well, of course, the presence of some minerals can be verified by mineral analysis techniques in hair, but there are at least 40 minerals that cannot be easily analyzed at the moment.
Therefore, to be sure that one is fully mineralized, it is important to consume a substance that is rich in fulvic and humic minerals, as this ensures that one is receiving all the Trace Elements that he needs, and by being in In a bioavailable-balanced form, they are synergistic with the body, unlike man-made multi-mineral supplements that often contain large amounts of minerals isolated from metallic sources that are not as bio-available as those from a organic source.
What properties does fulvic acid have?
The properties of fulvic acid are truly extraordinary, it alkalizes the body, which as many people know is a vital component in ensuring good health, it is a decalcifying agent for the body and brain, ridding the body of the discomforts of arthritis for example and decalcifying the pineal gland that regulates sleep and other functions like no other compound, it also works by increasing mental clarity and providing a feeling of well-being for both mind and body.
Studies carried out at the University of Chile have shown that it restores memory and has very positive effects on people suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. It is a true natural anti-aging and rejuvenating product because it works at the intracellular level. At this level, fulvic minerals can enter easily into the cell and fully hydrate it and provide it with all the minerals and electrolytes it needs to function properly, as well as neutralizing in situ all the heavy metals trapped in the cell due to pollution present in modern life.

Fulvic acid cleanses, neutralizes and eliminates toxins from the blood and from all the cells of the body, oxygenates the blood and protects it from all damage caused by free radicals, allows the body to detoxify naturally, favors the regulation of Thyroid and thymus function and provides an inhospitable environment for the development of cancer, viruses, bacteria, molds, candida and fungi.
It can also be used topically on insect bites, rashes and generally the itching disappears immediately, Increases the speed of wound healing, burns in particular are effectively treated, skin irritation, psoriasis, and eczema may benefit from its effects on inflammation.
It promotes healthy hair growth and many people after consuming it discover that their nutritional needs have been balanced, so people who eat excessively as a result of a lack of minerals, those who suffer the consequences of a poor diet such as the consumption of mineral-deficient foods , fast foods, processed foods and convenience foods, when they start taking fulvic mineral supplements they discover that their appetite decreases, since as a result of obtaining the minerals they need they are no longer forced to eat the big ones amounts they would have liked in search of the minerals missing from modern industrial foods and find that their cravings disappear as they discover that the real reason for their cravings has simply been the unconscious search for minerals.
The consumption of this elixir in summary is essentially a mineralization process that promotes detoxification and cell rejuvenation.
Alcalina® and all Bionobo products have been made without chemical extraction processes.
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